“…the power of collective nostalgia depends on the intoxicating combination of comfort and bittersweetness…Lemieux's skill as an artist lies in his ability to remind us, with humor and pathos springing from shared cultural touchstones, that we are not the only ones who remember.”
-Leah Pickett, Dallas Observer


Warm Soda is an original work by Lemieux; a thoughtful reflection on a childhood friendship. Bonded by a shared love of video games and junk food, Justin and his best friend grow together, and apart, in the niche, technological boom of the 1990s.

This nostalgic examination of friendship will have each audience member thinking of the relationships that formed their youth, remembering the tumultuous and emotional experience of growing up, and realizing friendships don’t always last.

Warm Soda received its professional debut in Dallas before transferring to the United Solo Festival in New York, where Lemieux received the award for “Best Emerging Actor.”